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4 Cleaning tips to keep a healthy home

Many microbes can survive for several hours on kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Reduce the risk of getting sick yourself or your family by keeping chopping boards, counters, utensils, kitchen towels and towels clean. And if you do not have time, you can hire the services of professional cleaning specialists.

1.- Disinfect chopping boards

Wash the chopping boards in hot soapy water and use a brush to remove food debris and microbes that get into the cracks and cuts of the tables. Then spray the boards with a light solution of chlorine, rinse them and let them dry in the open air.

2.- When preparing food keep towels and rags clean

Begin each food preparation session with a clean towel and rag. Sponges and damp rags may contain millions of microbes. Avoid using sponges and wash dish towels and towels frequently.

Use a mild solution of chlorine [2 teaspoons of chlorine per liter of water] as a disinfectant for the kitchen.

3.- Keep the sink garbage disposal clean

Keep garbage disposal of sink or laundry of the kitchen and the dishwasher free of waste

food. Keep counters and tables clean. Clean the counters and tables after using them in the

food preparation. A light solution can be used of chlorine to sterilize these surfaces..

4.- Keep clean the toilet seat and toilet disinfect

Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl and seat, the sink, the tub, and the bathroom counters at least once a week.


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